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We aim to help educate future and current keepers in proper reptile care before they are mistakenly purchased or traded as a common household pet. However, we are aware that unforeseen situations do arise; and, in those cases, we are here to help alleviate your stress in rehoming reptiles within the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
Reptiles have diverse and specific needs, physically and emotionally, that are typically beyond the expertise of your local pet store's associates. These exotic pets require much more specialized care, especially considering that they will live for 15 or more years.
Of course, everyone has to start somewhere... So, that's also why we are here! From care guides to shopping checklists to product recommendations, we will provide all the resources you need to responsibly care for your reptile (without breaking the bank) 
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All contributions from PayPal, Venmo, TeeSpring, etc. will go to the A and J's Exotics, Inc nonprofit organization to cover costs of care and rehabilitation for our rescue pets.
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