I want a reptile.

Where do I start?

Contact us to request a custom care guide and checklist for the reptile/amphibian of your choosing. Let us help ease your transition into becoming a new exotics keeper, or help expand your expertise.

I have a pet that needs a new or temporary home.

What can I do?

If not due to a medical emergency, contact us so we can get you the resources you need. If you are concerned for your pet's health, please know that we will not be of service and you must contact an exotic veterinary professional immediately. 

Let's collab!

How can I get my company/product featured on your websites?

Contact us, first, with your interests! From brand representation to product reviews, we love working with other companies who share our passion in quality reptile care. See our YouTube and Amazon profiles for past collaborations and partnerships.


How can I show support?

As a state registered nonprofit organization, we can now graciously accept donations via PayPal. We are grateful to receive ANY amount of support from you - so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!